Azeroth Wars 1.78 Changelog

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Azeroth Wars 1.78 Changelog

Mensaje por LoaP-El-SaNtO (Admin) el Miér Oct 19, 2011 7:50 pm

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Nerfed the damage of the Icecrown Obelisks from 41 to 35.
Increased the Cooldown of the Frozen Thrones Animate dead from 40 seconds to 100 seconds.
Nerfed the hitpoints of the Icecrown Obelisks from 2500 to 1750.

Blue now controls Alterac.
Buffed the cast range of Mind Flay from 600 to 700.
Removed many of the units from Drak’Tharon Keep.
Blue now starts with two less frigates.
Shipyards can no longer be built in the Nether.
Buffed the amount of units in the Nether.

Arthas now starts with a tiny barracks.
Garithos now starts with a tiny town hall and a tiny barracks.
Added a navy that Purple can use after 15 minutes.

The Cooldown of the Corrosive spell on the Corrosive Rune has been reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds.
The mana cost of the Mystics’ Control Magic has been reduced from 20% of the targets hitpoints to 10%.
Spell Steal is now automatically set to auto cast when mystics are trained.
Now has a starting Frigate.
Marines have been removed.
Hillsbrad Militia have been renamed Militia.

Removed 2 starting Battleships and a starting frigate.

Fixed an issue whereby Grey could obtain the slow poison ability from Headhunting Mastery.
No longer obtains Zul’jin with the Amani Alliance.
Warlords now have a cap of 24.
Build time of Warlords reduced from 10 seconds to 4 seconds.
Reduced the collision of both types of Warlords.

Light Blue:
Removed Arbiters.
Reworked Priestesses Skill line up:
Guardian Spirit (Renamed Spirit of Vengence)
Increased the cost of Priestesses from 13 gold to 16 gold.
Priestesses now have Medium Armor.

Nordrassil now has true sight.
Added a series of Runestones that provide vision and detection to the owner of Nordrassil on the paths that lead to the World Tree.

Dark Green:
Thoras is now revivable until Stromgarde is destroyed. If the Black Temple is destroyed he will be permanently revivable.
Reginald is now a demi hero.
Thoras has had his ability lineup revamped:
Fury of Stromgarde (Warstomp)
Earth Bind
King’s Warplating (Renamed Knights Warplating)
Instant Revitalisation.
Benedictus now spawns 2 minutes earlier.
Benedictus now spawns with Varian Wyrnns xp.
Thoras now starts the game at lvl 3.
Added a few extra starting units to Dark Green.
Captains now have a limit of 12.
Captains now have both Charge and a short range powerful Devotion aura.
Captain hp buffed from 800 to 1000.
Buffed Captains base damage slightly.
Increased the cost of Captains from 21 gold to 25 gold.

Teal’s Demon portal units no longer take up food.
Burning Blademasters now have Resistant Skin.
Increased the gold cost of Burning Blademasters from 70 gold to 80 gold.

Opened up a pathway from Icecrown to Sholazar Basin.
Fixed up the coast of Quel’thalas.
Twisting Nether has recieved minor changes.

Replaced the two improved watch towers in Zul’Gurub with a single normal watchtower.
Added some extra creeps to Stranglethorn.
LoaP-El-SaNtO (Admin)

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Re: Azeroth Wars 1.78 Changelog

Mensaje por Ogrimm el Miér Oct 19, 2011 7:57 pm

jojojo los demonios del teal no cuestan comida!!!

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